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Self Drive FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Self Drive Tour and just renting a car on my own?

There are some major difference between renting a car in comparison to the Self Drive Tour:

1. The Self Drive Tour Price is all inclusive of the vehicle, taxes, fees, Park Admissions, Gas, and vehicle insurance.  When you are calculating a rental car rate online, it will not include fuel costs, full coverage insurance.  In addition, rental car rates fluctuate daily whereas the Self Drive Tour prices are fixed.

2.The Self Drive will provide Hotel Pickup and Drop off.  When you rent a car in Las Vegas, the airport has the lowest rental rates and does not offer hotel transfer service.  You will pay more for a rental car from the few  places that offer pickup and drop off service.

3.The Self Drive Tour is arranged just like a tour and takes all of the guesswork out of your trip.  All of your admissions are prepaid and arranged so you do not have to wait in the long lines at the Grand Canyon.  You will be briefed before you leave on every step of the day so you waste no time and know exactly what you are doing.  A representative will answer all of your questions before you go.

4. If you are planning to rent a car to go to the Grand Canyon West Rim, figure these costs: Rental Car plus Nevada Taxes and fees of approximately 28%,  Full Insurance coverage: $30 per day, Gas on approximately 260 miles (25 mpg @ $3.25/gallon= $34), Grand Canyon West Admissions of $57 per person plus $25 parking fee.  Taxi to the car rental agency:$20 each way. You may think you will skip the insurance to save, but our discounted rates more than make up for the cost of insurance.

What is the difference between this Self Drive Tour and the Self Drive Tours offered on other websites?

1.The Self Drive Tour on this site includes all of the fees that you have to pay, there are no surprises.  The other Self Drive Tours do not include vehicle insurance coverage (they try to scare you into buying it when you get there), their tour does not include the cost of refueling the car before returning. 

2.  The Self Drive Tour on this site discounts additional passengers beyond the 2 person minimum, other self drive tours charge the same rate even though the fixed cost of gas and rental fee are fixed.

3.  Dollar for dollar, the Self Drive Tour on this site is the lowest price option for this type of tour and can even be less expensive than renting a car on your own. 

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